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Dewey's Bath & Beauty Products

Britt Dewey started her company as a project in her kitchen.  She wanted to make some handcrafted, quality gifts for the holiday.  The response was astounding, and soon she was receiving requests and orders for more of her soaps, lotions, bath bombs and lip balms.  Her act of kindness grew into a flourishing business. 

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Colorful Creations 


Jennifer Moon Tagler, talented seamstress and creative quilter.  A daughter of a resourceful, fabric artist that taught her to sew clothes and create crafts before she could write in cursive.  

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Do Me a Favor's Top 10 Gifts for Dear Ol' Dad

Top 10 Gifts for Dear Ol' Dad

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The Art... Infusing Childhood Memories into Chocolate

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Christine grew up in a bakery,  she never knew a life outside of hard work, early hours, pride in your trade and sweets. You can recognize these traits and a lifetime of passion when you bite into The Baker's Daughter truffles. 

There are no short cuts to perfection.  Hand made molds and tried and true recipies of uniquely blended ingredients create imaginative palates of flavors.  The art... infusing childhood memories into chocolate.   Remember guncaps?  Let your inner child experience guncaps aroma infused in a rich, creamy dark chocolate.  Chai tea? The consense is; it tastes like Christmas.  No need for a campfire, bite into this sweet morsal and taste graham cracker with the smooth layer of marshmellow and finish with rich chocolate.  This will leave you wanting S'more.   It just keeps getting better with wasabi and peanut, lavender and jasmine tea truffles.  Christine's creativity seems boundless and her vase collection of decadent chocolates will please any chocolate lover's appetite.  

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Spring Storage Tips by The Laundress

I love getting ready for the next season almost as much as I love The Laundress products.  No matter how much I enjoy wearing my favorite cashmere sweater or the perfect knee high boots, come spring time, I’m ready to wear something fresh and inviting.

Here are some helpful tips on storing your favorite fall and winter wares so you can love wearing them again in the seasons to come. 

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